Logic temperature stabilizer
5-step temp. selected switch
Thermal cut-out prevents from over heating
Anti-explosion heater tank
Safety pressure relief valve
Built-in safety ELB system & electronic surge protector
Insulation type thermal control
Built-in instantaneous heating element and temperature stabilizing circuitry
Fuzzy ELB checker
AC 1& 220V
13-45 A
9.9 KW
280mm(L)230mm(W)100 mm(D)
Net weight
3.6 Kg
Water pressure

Min. 0.4
Max. 6
Water connection Single Point System 15 mm Dia. (1/2" BSP)
"L" mark following the model NO. (e.g. KS-96L) is the luxurious style built-in ELB for double ensuring safety of users.
Please apply at least 8 mm2 pipes and refer the installation manual.
References for Purchasing
The differences between KS-70B, KS-90, KS-92, and KS-94 are their Amperes (A) and Wattages (KW). The higher degree of ampere and power, the hotter water is allowed to offer.
You may wish to choose a suitable model from KS-70B, KS-90, KS-92, and KS-94, based on the local electric voltage system and climate.

Human Engineering
  Designed in accordance with human engineering for users can completely enjoy a relaxing shower.
Fuzzy Electronic Controls
  For the fuzzy electronic control that maintains the water temperature to the required range, it will not even change the temperature while switching the control knob so as to make you uncomfortable.
Built-in Instantaneous Heating Element
  Instantaneous heating element and temperature stabilizing circuitry ensures an instant constant and smooth supply of hot water.
5-step Temperature Selected Switch
  Household type with 5-step temperature selecting switch makes users easily to coordinate water temperature according to the temp. difference of four seasons.
Anti Thermo-anomaly Valve
  Remitting gas risks from sight! Insulating design with overheat preventing valve to shut off the power whenever too hot.
ELB (Electrical Leakage Breaker) Safety System
  Luxurious style with ELB offers double securities cuts off electrical power to the heater should a current leakage ever occur, thus ensuring consumer's safety.
Fuzzy ELB Checker
  Traditional model needs to open the outer casing to reset the Electricity Leakage Breaker. For this Fuzzy ELB Checker, you can check Electricity Leakage Breaker all the time by just one touch

For quality you can trust
  Quality is subjected to severe testing. Only products that withstand every test are placed on the market. In recognition of these untiring efforts, KING'S received certification of ISO9001: 2000. KING'S also received certification of CNS (Chinese National Standards, similar as UL approval), which is proved its reliability that engenders customers' confidence.
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