Digital LED Temperature Display
Logic Temperature Stabilizer
Micro-computer Temperature Sensor
6-step Temperature Selecting Switch
Safety Scalding Device
Anti-explosion Heater Tank
Safety Pressure Relief Valve
Built-in Electronic ELB & Surge protector
Fuzzy ELB Checker

Water Pressure
Min. 0.5 kgf/cm² Max. 3 kgf/cm²
Electrical Loading
0~45A / 9.9 KW / 220V, 60 Hz
280mm (L) x 250mm (W) x 120 (D) mm
3.6 kg

Digital LED temperature display makes you precisely know the water temperature by seeing instead of feeling, therefore an unexpected scald could be avoided.

Logic temperature stabilizer:
constant hot water is provided even under irregular water pressure with the installation of electronic thermo-control system.

Micro computer temperature sensor that allows shower temperature selection from 30℃ to 57℃. The highest water temperature properly meets the requirement of human body in cold weather.

Traditional model needs to open the outer casing to reset the Electricity Leakage Breaker. For this Fuzzy ELB Checker, you can check Electricity Leakage Breaker all the time by just one touch.

An explosion accident of water heater is due to the over-high pressure in heater tank. Our Anti-explosion Heater Tank is subjected to severe testing and is proved to be explosion-proof.

Thermal Cut off prevents the heater from over heating and giving you extra protection against the danger of scalding.

Wise Choice for e-life
  Meet the leader of electric tankless water heaters. The e-01 doesn't store hot water. It generates hot water on demand - saving time, money and space. The thermal efficiency of the e-01 is over 95%. This is far superior to the tankless gas heater's efficiency. e-01 is more efficient, it uses electricity, and the energy cost is roughly the same as tankless gas heater's, therefore more cost efficient to operate and environmentally friendly.

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