KS-266's all-glass evacuated tubular collectors can be used in colder weather than the older flat-plate type. In temperate zone, KS-266's solar collector assemblies can be used ten months out of the year. Piping from a twenty-tube solar power collector array leads to an insulated water tank. An export model eliminates the pipe freezing problem by using antifreeze in the tubes can be used all year round. Heat from the tubes is transferred to tap water that goes into the tank.
Energy-saving and environmental protection
  Non-pollution, effectively protect the environment, energy saving, extremely low use cost at ordinary times. Once invested, you will benefit from it forever. Though you may withdraw the cost within 2 or 3 years, life span of KS-266 is as long as above 10 years.
Large applicable scope
  Large water supply amount, it fully satisfies the living purpose hot water for several of storey such as shower; cleaning clothes, etc. When the multiple solar energy water heaters are linked one another, the are suitable for the collective central heat water projects such as schools, hospitals, office buildings and so on.
Broad suitable ranges
  It elaborately designs the reflector plate angles according to the different latitudes in the southern and northern areas in order to guarantee the finest heat-collecting effect of the vacuum pipes.

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